BioScience Patents Ltd

About BioScience Patents Ltd

BioScience Patents Ltd is a specialist firm which provides a forward thinking, high quality service tailored to our clients' business objectives. We can advice on all aspects of patent protection and have particular expertise in all aspects of the life sciences.

We believe our approach to the acquisition, management and enforecement of patent rights is unique in that we aim to continually assess the commercial advantages patent rights are able to bring to our clients' business.

We can provide specialist advice on the patent protection available for plants, animals, genes and gene sequences, medical methods and treatments, proteomics, research tools, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, receptors and diagnostic kits.

We also provide specialist advice and services in less prominent areas of intellectual property which have particular importance in the field of bioscience such as plant variety rights, extending patent term for pharmaceuticals using Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)and the International culture deposit requirements.